The social mission of flinto.

flinto. is the world's first 3DC city portal and a true pioneer in this field. We also want to be pioneers in other respects and to be a role model, by doing business and combine social commitment with each other. Each entrepreneurial activity means according to our view also a commitment to the Society - beyond taxes and duties.

In the USA this is almost a principle and since Long common. Famous super-rich people like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet have Billions in charitable foundations brought in. But also with us corporate social commitment by all means tradition. In the past this was often done under the Term philanthropy. A well-known, but by no means the only example of this is the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Regularly, purposefully and systematically

Without having to deal with Gates' billion-dollar assets, to compare Buffett or Bosch or to flinto. would like to have a a social mission in addition to the business one in the conviction that there are also more modest contributions, with system and regularly provided, over time a can achieve lasting positive effects. From For this reason we will continue with the successful Start of our City-Portal association activities, which serve a social purpose, financially support.

The donations are made from the current income financed by flinto. and are to be continuously flow - in a kind of voluntary voluntary commitment. Which associations we support, is not yet certain. It may be a single association or several institutions act. It is important to us that our commitment not once or on a case-by-case basis, but permanently takes place - as a permanent institution, so to speak. The shall include support for temporary or temporary social projects - whether it be inside or outside an association - not out. This too can be based on continuity create.

Soon you will learn more about our commitment

In any case we will send you in regular inform about the commitment at regular intervals. Maybe you feel motivated yourself, to participate in one or the other project participate. The information is not only under the motto "Do good and talk about it". We are also convinced that you as flinto. users have a right to experience what drives us and how we can Transforming success into social commitment.